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Would the real Charming Etta please step forward?

The Author

Jane Bash’s novel 33 Bits was inspired by a curious charm bracelet she acquired in England.

Jane has been passionate in researching details on site and in developing the network of supporting efforts in search of the owner. Jane provides clues throughout the book for the owner to claim this lovely artifact.

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The Mission

Our collective team mission is to locate the woman who chronicled her life, charm by charm, on this amazing bracelet.

Please read the book, and join the search!

The Jeweler

Goldmasters is an independent jeweler that has been in business since 1986 in San Antonio, TX.

They strive to build a personal relationship with their customers.

Goldmasters has worked with the author since 1999 on various pieces of jewelry and since 2003 on this particular bracelet. The selections presented here are all custom designs by Rick Vincent and Goldmasters.

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